Add Custom Star Maps To Your Products or Designs

The engine

The Star Maps gives you access to a star map generation tool that will create maps of the sky for your products, showing the stars, the planets, the Sun and the Moon as seen from a particular place and time.

Our engine is running on very powerful servers, and is able to make maps of up to 40x40" (or 1x1 m) in a matter of seconds. Thus you will be able to get your maps almost immediately.

We have been improving our star map generation tool for the last 14 years, and using it to create production-quality maps at Greaterskies for much of this time. It is robust, reliable, and it produces extremely high quality maps.

The maps

You will be able to download your maps as square transparent 300 dpi PNG files, ready to be applied to any product or background you want.

Themes (see next section) will allow you to fully customize the design of your maps, adapting their style to your product's design.

You will be able to choose the size of each map, with a limit of 1000x1000 mm (or 40x40").

We will save your maps for you: they will remain available for as long as your subscription is active.


Our Theme Lab allows you to design the appearance of your maps. You can select the color of the stars, the planets, the constellation lines, the labels (constellation and star names), and the grid. You can define your theme with or without grid, and with or without constellations. And you can select a font for the labels.

You can define, edit and save an unlimited number of themes.


Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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