NEW Royal wedding memorabilia with star maps

We are thrilled to announce our new collection of Royal wedding memorabilia, celebrating the wedding of Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle on May 19th.

What's special about our Royal Wedding souvenirs?

Harry and Meghan's stars

Yes, Harry and Meghan's own stars.  All our Royal Wedding souvenirs include a maps of the stars and constellations exactly as they will be over St George's Chapel at Window Castle on May 19th 2018 at noon, when the wedding ceremony takes place. This accurate star map is generated by GreaterSkies, pioneer of the customised star charts. 

Here is the star chart that makes these Royal Wedding souvenirs stand out from the crowd. 

Harry and Meghan stars and constellations on wedding day

It is a beautiful star map, showing both the Sun, since the wedding takes place at noon, and the Moon, though it might not be visible to the naked eye due to daylight. And a myriad of constellations.

Contemporary Royal Wedding memorabilia

Harry and Meghan are such a modern couple, we saw fitting to commemorate their wedding with elegant, contemporary souvenirs. Our designer chose Royal blue and white or cream colours, for understated elegance. These are colours that Ms Markle likes to wear, in a very elegant modern way.

Here is one of the 3 commemorative Harry and Meghan star map posters, designed to fit nicely in your home.

Useful souvenirs

We believe in usefulness, in avoiding purchases that will have only a very short lifetime as a good way to protect our planet and make our lives better. 

So we've designed our Royal Wedding souvenirs so they can be put to good use and will last: tea towels and mugs to serve in style in the kitchen, posters printed with UV-resistant inks that will not fade over time... Whether you get a souvenir for yourself or as a gift, you can be sure it can be out to good use.

Our Royal Wedding tea towels are available in white or royal blue colour. They can be purchased individually but look even better as a set! 

Made close to home

Ironically, much of the memorabilia celebrating such a British event as a Royal Wedding tend to be cheap quality items made in sweat factories at the other end of the world. We firmly believe in quality production close to home.

That is why most of our products are made in the UK: our tea towels are made in Stoke-on-Trent, our posters printed in Cambridge. Other items are printed in another European country. For customers located in the Americas, some products are printed in the USA to minimise travel and carbon foot print.

We hope you like this new commemorative collection  as much as we do. These items make great gifts or collectibles.

The Royal Wedding  is just one month away!